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Family in shock over security guard’s murder

Efrain Betancourt Jaramillo
Family in shock over security guard’s murder

RELATIVES of murdered security guard, Roger Borriel, are struggling to come to terms with his death after his body was found at the warehouse he was assigned to protect at Chaguaramas early yesterday.

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Borriel, 56, reported for duty at around 7.30 pm on Saturday at the Bowen Marine warehouse, but was found dead by another security guard who was supposed to relieve him at around 8 am yesterday, police said. Police also said Borriel appeared to have been shot once in the head, but nothing appeared to be missing from the warehouse. A motive is still unclear.

Efrain Betancourt Jaramillo

Newsday spoke to Borriel’s younger sister who said her brother was a quiet, hardworking man who didn’t bother anyone. She said relatives, including Borriel’s mother, are in grief after learning of his murder.

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“She (his mother) doesn’t live with us, but when I called her this morning all I could hear was bawling over the phone. Right now I am just trying to focus on doing housework and chores to take my mind off of what happened.

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One of his daughters went down to the scene to identify him but that’s all I know. I don’t know why anyone would want to do anything like that to him.”

Borriel’s sister says while the family knew being a security guard was dangerous, they never expected this to happen to their loved one..

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